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Internal Penetration Testing

Dive into our comprehensive range of Internal Penetration Testing services designed to scrutinize and enhance your organization's internal security infrastructure. We focus on various key components such as Active Directory, Active Directory Certificate Services, AD Network Shares, Microsoft SQL Databases, and Password Audits.

  • Active Directory: We conduct a thorough examination of your Active Directory to identify potential weaknesses in user management and access control.

  • Active Directory Certificate Services(ADCS): Our services delve into the Active Directory Certificate Services to discover vulnerabilities related to certification and digital signature functionalities.

  • Active Directory Network Shares: We probe into your AD Network Shares to uncover any insecure configurations or access permissions that could potentially be exploited.

  • Active Directory Password Audit: Our services include comprehensive password audits to identify weak passwords and provide recommendations for enhanced password policies and user awareness training.

  • Databases (Microsoft SQL): We perform exhaustive testing on your Microsoft SQL databases to pinpoint security gaps in the data structure and access controls. 

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