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Cloud Penetration Testing

Welcome to our specialized suite of services designed to safeguard your digital footprint across various platforms. We offer penetration testing for AWS and Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), where our team meticulously evaluates your cloud-based systems and applications for any potential security gaps. Alongside this, we delve into Azure Active Directory, focusing on user identities and access control policies, identifying any possible weaknesses. Further, we extend our expertise to Azure SaaS platforms, including Office365, Sharepoint, and Teams, ensuring they're fortified against possible real-world attack scenarios. Lastly, our services encompass VDS and VDI infrastructures like Citrix and VMware ESXI, where we perform thorough testing to uncover vulnerabilities and provide strategic security enhancement solutions. Harness our services and bolster your digital defenses today.

  • AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service: We provide comprehensive penetration testing for AWS IaaS, examining your cloud-based services and applications for any vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors.

  • Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Our team of experts conduct meticulous penetration testing on Azure IaaS to uncover security gaps and provide you with actionable remediation strategies.

  • Azure Active Directory: We carry out extensive penetration testing on Azure Active Directory, analyzing user identities, access control policies, and the related potential security weaknesses.

  • Azure SaaS (Office365, Sharepoint, Teams): We focus on testing the security of Azure SaaS applications such as Office365, Sharepoint, and Teams, looking for vulnerabilities that could be exploited in a real-world attack scenario.

  • VDS + VDI Infrastructure (Citrix, VMware ESXI): Our service extends to VDS and VDI infrastructures, where we test Citrix and VMware ESXI systems to detect potential vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive security improvement recommendations.

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