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External Penetration Testing

Step into the world of our sophisticated suite of services, specifically tailored to bolster the security of your external network infrastructure. Our services encompass External Network Penetration Testing, Firewall Rule Analysis, and Insider-threat Exfiltration Simulation, each designed to fortify your defenses against myriad external cyber threats.

  • External Network Penetration Testing: We emulate real-world attack scenarios to probe your external network security, aiming to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  • Firewall Rule Analysis: Our experts meticulously analyze your firewall rules to identify misconfigurations and suggest optimal security enhancements.

  • Insider-threat Exfiltration Simulation: We simulate insider threat scenarios to test your system's resilience against data exfiltration, aiming to enhance your data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. Our comprehensive simulation approach aids in identifying potential weaknesses in your DLP policies and protocols.

    • We strive to ensure that your sensitive and valuable information remains secure within your digital boundaries, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized data leaks or losses. This service helps prepare your system not just for external threats, but also internal risks, emphasizing a holistic approach to your data security.

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